Book Art Resources of Interest


Books and Vines • A great source for musings on literature, collectable books and fine wines. 
Book Lab II • Gifted bookbinders specializing in fine limited editions. 
Briar Press • Printer and Artist listings for the letterpress community. 
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild • Book arts organization supporting all specialties. 
Cave Paper •  Beautiful handmade paper production. 
Codex Foundation •  Preservation and promotion of the art and craft of the book. 
John Demerritt Bookbinding • Fine hand bookbinder in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Fine Press Book Association •  A significant association of fine presses in the U.S.A., Canada, and Great Britain. 
Friends of Dard Hunter •  Resource on the art, craft, history, science of papermaking and the book arts. 
Guild of Bookworkers • Resource on all aspects of book art. 
Hand Papermaking • All things related to the art of hand papermaking. 
Horton Tank Graphics • Fine Letterpress Printing by Arthur Larson. 
Introduction to Letterpress Printing • Extensive information source and listings of all letterpress connections. 
Richard Wagener, Wood Engraver • Artist/engraver and Proprietor of Mixolydian Editions. 
San Francisco Center for the Book • Great organization with calendar of workshops, classes, demonstrations and lectures. 
The Book Arts Web • Dynamic and complete listings resource featuring pertinent links. 
Typocurious • Archive of print-based typographical material. 
Typographica • Type reviews, books, and commentary. 
Yale Book Arts Database • Research digital library of book collection. 
Wood Engravers Network • Source of newsletter and other contents on wood engraving.